, LLC. Web Projects is an e-commerce company with four performing motorsports e-commerce websites.

As the flagship website, sells parts for ATVs, motorcycles, Side by Sides, and Snowmobiles from 10 major manufacturers OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) as well as parts and apparel from aftermarket vendors.

I built on the Magento Enterprise platform starting at 1.11 and upgraded through to 1.14. It lists over 2 million parts for sale which I am responsible for importing and updating through a custom importer I developed specifically for such a large product set. The importer directly manipulates data within the database and completes an entire set of 2 million imports/updates in less than 2 hours. I also maintain the Web and Database Servers which involves a fair amount of bash scripting as well as other server admin functions.

Launch Date: 01 Aug 2011
Last Involvement: 12 May 2016
Technologies: PHP, Javascripts, MySQL, RHEL 6.4, Ajax, jQuery & Prototype, Magento
Gearhead Sandbox
Gearhead Sandbox

Sandbox is the intranet for It manages both internal and customer tickets, amazon and ebay products, oem product updates, goal tracking, job postings and applicants, performance statistics, and executive reporting.

The Sandbox is a custom built framework which I have developed over the years. It's ideal for building a variety of custom business solutions.

Last Involvement: 12 May 2016
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Prototype, CSS, HTML, AJAX

Saleswarp is an ERP system built on CakePHP.

To meet our business purposes, I got myself trained on each level of the warehouse and then built systems on top of Saleswarp to improve the efficiency of our order fulfillment process. The biggest change was a new scan station that would direct users to pick/pack/stock a scanned product. I also built a system to manage and perform inventory cycle counts as well as many smaller features and reports.

Launch Date: 27 Jan 2015
Last Involvement: 01 Sep 2015
Technologies: CakePHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, AJAX

A leader in the motorsports industry, allows customers to put a deposit on a snowmobile that has been announced in the spring but will not be released until fall.

My involvement was mostly maintaining the website and building reports as well as adding and updating minor features.

Last Involvement: 28 Feb 2015
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript, xHTML