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Who am I?

I am an Innovator. I never complete a task more than once without considering an alternative that requires less repetition. By so doing, I have effectively eliminated entire workloads and saved thousands of man hours with previous employers. I understand that things are done as they are for a reason. I seek first to understand existing processes and then seek to improve those in need of improvement. I believe that it is more efficient for me to complete a difficult task once then for another to complete a tedious task repetitively.

I am Solution Oriented. I do not believe in simply doing a task. Every task has a purpose. When that purpose is understood, the task becomes a theoretical method to complete that purpose. If it doesn't work, my work is not done. My work is finished when the purpose, not its task, is accomplished.

I am a Continual Learner who believes in the power of education. I seek out courses and tutorials to learn new skills specific to projects I’m interested in. I am able to catch on to new concepts quickly, often jumping into a new framework with little time and all too often even less documentation available. While I’ve spent a lot of time in LAMP, I’ve dabbled in many other areas. The question of whether I’m familiar with a given technology often feels irrelevant with the accessibility of information and the ease of learning each new concept.

I get excited developing quality innovative applications and aspire to create meaning by serving others through development.

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